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What We Do

Stronger People C.I.C

Stronger People C.I.C is a specialist youth services provider that offers support and intervention services for complex and high-risk Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and Serious Youth Violence cases as well as specialist support and training to frontline professionals, strategic management and those heading into children's protective services.

We currently offer 4 services designed to support improved outcomes for young people and improve professional practice.

Exploitation Interventions Services

Combining both lived-experience and strong professional understanding of exploitation, gangs and vulnerability, We have developed two unique intervention models which look to address vulnerability, risk & threat factors to support improved safeguarding of children and better outcomes for services involved with complex cases.

Training for Professionals

We offer bespoke training for a variety of services working with young people, from sexual health teams, residential care homes and schools to the police, children's social care or charity organisations. We support improved understand of the complexities of exploitation and how to address it, improving practice and effectively assessing risk.

Guest Lectures

We have developed a series of guest lectures built around effective practice to help prepare the next generation of youth practitioners to be best prepared to safeguard and support young people at risk of harm.

Our interactive lectures fit within a variety of modules and will leave your students motivated, empowered and informed from professionals with both lived-experience and extensive and unique industry experience.

Consultancy Services

We offer consultancy services to help improve practices and processes for addressing CCE, gang and youth violence related risk.

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