Stronger People C.I.C provides intensive, community-based intervention & support services for young people at risk of, or affected by Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and Serious Youth Violence in Nottingham. 

We specialise in effectively engaging & supporting 'hard to reach' young people and work 1-to-1 to help them understand their circumstances, reduce risk and support positive outcomes in case management from a social care or youth justice perspective. 

Our service is developed from both lived-experience and professional understanding, allowing us to inform and advocate effectively for both young people and professionals in complex cases, where we often act as a bridge; helping young people to feel 'heard' whilst also supporting statutory professionals to effectively safeguard them from harmOur work takes a person-centred, trauma-informed approach to intervention and looks at risk from a contextualised standpoint to facilitate meaningful change in the young person's life.

Relationship building, advocacy and improving understanding for our young people is at the core of our work; We understand the complexities of exploitation & youth violence and address physical and mental well-being, offending patterns, violent behaviour and interpersonal relationship skills through direct work over a period of 3-12 months.

Stronger People C.I.C is also heavily involved in research in the field of CCE and actively contributes to the development and improvement of best practices around criminal exploitation & intervention framework.

We deliver training on Child Criminal Exploitation to professionals and organisations involved in frontline youth services & safeguarding.


  •     Intensive 1:1 Intervention & support services

  •     Multi-Disciplinary Case Assessment & Risk Analysis

  •     Outreach/Community Work

  •     Training on Effective approaches for practitioners and parents



Our referrals currently come from local statutory services.


However, we will always consider referrals from other professional or voluntary organisations on a case by case basis.


Please visit our Referrals Page for more information.