At Stronger People C.I.C we develop and deliver individualised and comprehensive intervention packages for young people at risk of, or affected by Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE).
We specialise in effectively engaging & supporting 'at-risk' and 'hard to reach' young people, delivering evidence based interventions built around trauma informed care and positive youth development.

We understand the complexities of exploitation, the skills needed to address it and the ongoing difficulties faced by young people that find themselves victimised by it. We work with young people and communities affected by youth offending, CCE, CSE, county lines and serious youth violence.

We provide initial assessments, one to one support, workshops, outreach mentoring and preventative intervention planning. We also provide effective approaches, consultation and advice for practitioners/parents/carers to help engage hard-to-reach young people within education, statutory or community settings.

As well as being active practitioners, we are heavily involved in ongoing academic research in the field of CCE and actively contribute to the development and improvement of best practices around youth exploitation & intervention framework.


  •     Intensive 1:1 mentoring & support services

  •     Intervention framework: development & delivery

  •     Group workshops (CCE, Gangs, desistance, Harmful Behaviours)

  •     Multi-Disciplinary case assessment

  •     School/community awareness sessions

  •     Outreach/Community Work

  •     Training on Effective approaches for youth practitioners and parents

We equip young people with the knowledge and support they require to avoid, reduce the risk of, and break free from exploitation & harmful behaviours through our IMPACT FRAMEWORK.



We currently have specific statutory referral pathways for young people to access our services; However we are always open to additional referrals from other professional statutory or voluntary organisations on a case by case basis.

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