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Intervention Services

Stronger People C.I.C

Combining both lived-experience and strong professional understanding of exploitation, gangs and vulnerability, We have developed two unique intervention models which look to address vulnerability, risk & threat factors to support improved safeguarding of children and better outcomes for services involved with complex cases.


Our Child Criminal Exploitation Intervention Service (CCEIS) is a specialist intervention service for young people deemed as at significant risk of CCE. 

We take a holistic approach to addressing risk, pairing direct work with contextual case management.

Our bespoke vulnerability risk assessment toolkit and intervention framework are part of our model of approach. 

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Our VERIS follows a similar model to our CCEIS model, as we believe exploitation follows the same pathways and targets the same vulnerabilities regardless of the ultimate aims of the exploiter. 

We take a 'practical mentoring' and contextual vulnerabilities management approach to identifying and managing threats and reducing the likelihood of harm.

Our Interventions Team

The Stronger People team is a unique mix of lived experience, academic qualifications and professional expertise. All of our staff have direct, first-hand experience of the issues faced by our young people and have all overcome significant barriers to achieve success in their respective professional fields. 
Our team includes ex-young offenders, a practicing social worker, a youth psychotherapist and an experienced mentor and school safeguarding professional.

Our team work collaboratively, using a multi-agency approach to design and deliver interventions that create and support lasting change.

By liaising with our external advisory panel Stronger People is able to provide a service that has strong grounding in real-world experience whilst also making sure the necessary safeguarding and statutory frameworks are upheld in our work; making supporting statutory services one of our strong points.

We pride ourselves on our strong relationships with a number of key statutory and voluntary sector stakeholders in the city. We also maintain cooperative links with both local and national organisations concerned with the safeguarding of young people and reduction of child criminal exploitation.


Targeted Interventions Practitioner

Our Targeted Interventions Practitioner delivers the direct work, out in the community engaging and supporting our young people to reduce risk and achieve. They are the the first point of contact for young people, their families and other professionals involved in the young person's life.


Senior Case Manager

Our Senior Case Manager oversees interventions, supporting the work of Targeted Interventions Practitioners and ensuring effective multiagency working. 
Information sharing and strategic coordination of cases to ensure that contextual safeguarding of young people is paramount.


Specialist Youth Psychotherapist

Our Targeted Youth Psychotherapist leads on all therapeutic aspects of interventions services at Stronger People, including direct therapy, risk assessment and core assessments.

Our TYP has extensive experience working with young people facing significant challenges, including SEN. 


Social Worker - Practice Specialist

Our social work specialist is a qualified and highly experienced social worker, working within our team to ensure that our work is always within statutory guidelines but also complimentary to social services, enabling us to support improved outcomes for social care cases

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