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Young Entrepreneur

"Hallam was amazing. I loved his honesty and he was so engaging"

Taking Notes

"This session provided so much information that I can use in my work with Children & Young People"

"The presentation was so refreshing in recognition of the challenging realities of working with young people; The honesty, knowledge and passion were inspiring!"

Child Criminal Exploitation Training - Practitioners

Stronger people deliver training built around the understanding of exploitation, risk and vulnerability factors, how these can be addressed and practical applications for professionals working with young people.


We offer standard 1/2 day and full day training options; All training is a "bespoke" service with training tailored to meet your organisation’s specific needs and requirements.


We offer a modular, in-house approach taking 1-2 hours a session over a set number of sessions so that staff can learn and build on their learning in way that means they are not taken out of the workplace for extended periods of time, as we know how much can happen in a day in frontline youth services.


Training is developed around the encouragement of staff to engage with us on "feedback & solution" sessions post-training, where the application of learning can be assessed and reinforced.