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About Us

Stronger People C.I.C

Stronger People C.I.C is a specialist, third-sector youth services provider that offers support and intervention services for complex and high-risk Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and Serious Youth Violence cases. We also offer specialist support, training and consultancy services to organisations working in child protection services across the UK to help improve safeguarding & practices around CCE.

As part of our mission to improve practice in youth services we deliver guest lectures and speaking engagements in many settings, as well as actively contributing to research in this area. 

Our Story

Stronger People CIC was founded in Nottingham in 2018 as a response to identifying a lack of services that were equipped to support young people involved with complex and high-risk exploitation and serious youth violence cases.

We understood that the complexities of exploitation required both a robust, statutory safeguarding approach but also the need to be able to effectively engage and support those deemed as the hardest to reach.

Our service pairs knowledge and skills gained from lived-experience with extensive professional and academic expertise from disciplines including psychology, social work and youth justice services.
Our core values are those of always adding value, finding solutions and advocating for both young people and professionals.

Computer Learning

We follow the motto 'Start with the problem'

For 2023 we have set an ambitious programme to respond to increasing demand for our services. This involves a number of training events, guest lectures and consultancy programmes.
We take a proactive approach to identifying and addressing barriers that stand in the way of the desired outcomes for our young people and services we support.

Over time we realised that in order to facilitate change, we needed to look further than individual cases and support improved practice across sectors. 

Our strategy 

Moving Forward:
Our 2023-2025 Strategy

Our Impact


2022 Annual Report

Our 2022 Annual Impact Report

2022 was year of significant growth, change and evolution for our organisation. We developed new pathways, processes and strengthened existing networks - positively impacting the lives of numerous children. Please take a look at our annual Impact report to see the work we completed in 2022.

Our Clients

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